Thus spake Milord

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After Thommy Tillis and another Jones Street Lard Bottom tried to delay the order of the court, Pat, Earl of Duke made this announcement Friday evening.

His Lordship said:

“The administration is moving forward with the execution of the court’s ruling and will continue to do so unless otherwise notified by the courts. Each agency will work through the implications of the court’s ruling regarding its operations.”

In the last 60 years, The Lord has lost count of the number of times that a state formerly belonging to the Confederarse States of America has had to cop to executing an order of the court. If you can’t get there on time, get there when you can.

When I was in school, one of the professors had a large whitewashed board in his office. In large plain type, the message was clear: Do Right Because it is Right. Just once, it would be nice to see one of these Confederarse* states do something right because it is right, not because they got a billet-doux from a Supreme that closed with It is so ordered.

Res ipsa loquitur.

* Yes, I know, there are states just as backward that never belonged to the Confederarcy; but you can bet that if a state claimed membership in that august league, they will still be trying to do that Confederarse thing.


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