Another List

It was on Twitter, or maybe Facebook, or, maybe, it was on a “You May Also Like” lists on a news site, or wherever. Anyway, earlier today, I saw yet another listicle of TOP Republicans that aren’t voting for Trump. To whomever keeps publishing this crap, please give me something I can really use, like, say, Top Cake Mixes that use the fewest eggs or the most bourbon, cuz, really, the ongoing lists of GOP worthies is worse than useless.

Worse than useless you say? Yes, I do, and I’ll even tell you why. The GOP, the Republican Party, only exists in the minds of the folks putting their names on these inane lists.

Once upon a time, Richard Nixon discovered how many voters he could pull in using his Southern Strategy™®. You know, pulling in all the old Democrats from the South who discovered LBJ had taken them for a ride he signed the Civil Rights legislation in the mid-Sixties. Well, they weren’t gonna stand for this desegregation mess, and Nixon saw the opportunity of a lifetime, and, well, he took it. And he was elected president. Twice. The second time, by near acclamation.

Then along comes Ronald Reagan in 1980, and while Ronnie wasn’t too fond of Nixon, he and his team saw no harm in trying the Southern Strategy again. And boy, did it ever work. Turns out, talking about Law ’n’ Order will bring ’em a runnin’!

Anyway, here we all are, lo these many years later, and, well, all the old Country Club Republicans are just about gone. You know, the ones that voted for Ike, and later Nixon, Ford, etc. Now you basically have a party full of folks that heard the Southern Strategy™® dog whistle and came running. They didn’t then nor now give a shit about the GOP heirarchy. They don’t care what any of them say, think, or do. They don’t read the National Review, care not a whit what the ghost of Bill Buckley would want them to do. They just know that Donald of Orange is gonna make America great again—they have no idea now, and he, even less. But Orange Donne’s gonna do it!

So yeah, I’m waiting for the cake listicle.


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